Annual Kinston Manor Meeting Highlights

The 20th Annual meeting of Kinston Manor Association was held on March 2nd at the Clubhouse Banquet room.  We received 523 proxy cards out of the approximately 4000 that were mailed out. 39 owners attended, representing 54 weeks.

The proxy count was 430 in favor of the dues increase with 42 against.  Members in attendance voted in favor of the increase.

Management reported that the repairs to the phone lines and satellite system were almost finished.  The wiring for the second TVs was complete and the channel selection had been increased to 20 channels, two of which were Showtime. A snack bar is being added at the clubhouse. The restoration of Building #13, which had burned due to lighting hit, was almost complete.  The progress on the refurbishment of the Kinston Manor units was at 38 units.  The resorts web page had been upgraded and can now be seen at Robert Johnson of 13D week 45 won the door prize of one free week at any of the seven Crown Resorts.

Board Members Needed

The Kinston Manor Association is seeking individuals who would be interested in serving on the board.

The nominating committee is requesting bio sheets / resumes from any owner in good standing that would be interested.

Board members are required to attend quarterly work sessions and annual meetings.

Candidates will possess an earnest desire for the continual improvement and realistic goals for Kinston Manor.

Bio sheets / resumes should be submitted to:

Kinston Manor Association
Nominating Committee
10 Kinston Manor Drive
Westminster, South Carolina 29693

Or email at

Best Regards,
Board of Directors